Annual Wellness Exams & Health Physicals

Your routine physical exam is just as critical to your overall health as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting plenty of rest. Your annual well exam is an essential part of your healthcare plan and an opportunity to check in with your provider, who will ensure you are screened for all preventative measures.


During your annual wellness exam, we will focus on preventative medicine, patient education, and establishing the necessary goals designed to keep you healthy. As a part of your wellness exam we may address important lifestyle changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation, and
vaccinations. In addition, we may check your overall health with routine labs and scheduling other age appropriate screenings to maintain optimal health.

Annual physicals are designed to be preventative in nature and most insurances cover the cost of your annual well exam. However, some insurance plans will not cover additional problem-orientated services on the same day of service as an annual physical. It is the patient’s
responsibility to know what their plan will allow as the patient will be responsible for any services not covered by insurance.